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We know that the single most concern to the public is the After-Sales and Warranty Program.  Customers prefer an honest, clear and fair Warranty which leaves no areas of dispute or argument.

Workshop Process

Once your order has been taken by our trained Sales Managers your New Purchase will then be booked into the Oak Garage workshop for its pre delivery inspection and preparation. Each vehicle is individually assessed to see its service requirements, an MOT slot will be arranged and all service items ordered with your individual requirements also tended too.

Service Plan

New for 2012 is our Oak Fixed Service Plan. This is an easy to follow plan that covers the huge selection of vehicle available to you here at the Oak Garage and breaks it down into simple monthly figures. All service plans are as flexible as you want them to be. If you want your service early, no problem, have any special request we will be there to help. We want all our customers to return for all the right reasons.

Warranty Plan

Also New in 2012 is our Oak Warranty Plan. For the last 40 years our tried and tested Oak Warranty has kept local customers extremely happy with the service and speed at which issues are dealt with, 90% within 24 hours of diagnosis. So if all where happy where could we improve? Two highlighted points are service for distance buyers and payment plans for long term Warranties. This is where the Trusted RAC Warranties have been introduced to help distance buyers and long term payment terms made available to help our budgeting. 

Platinum Warranty

  1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
  12x Total 24x Total 36x Total
Up to 1.4cc £20.74 £249.00 £16.62 £399.00 £13.86 £499.00
Up to 2.0cc £29.08 £349.00 £20.79 £499.00 £16.63 £599.00
Up to 3.0cc £33.25 £399.00 £24.99 £599.00 £22.19 £799.00


  • Parts and Labour
  • Claim Limit of £1000, Full Diagnostic testing inc ECU
  • Up to 12,000 miles per annum
  • Guaranteed £45 Labour for non warranty work
  • Interest Free Payment Terms

Gold Warranty

Complimentary 3 month Warranty


  • Parts and Labour
  • Claim Limit of £500, Full Diagnostic testing inc ECU
  • Guaranteed £45 Labour for non warranty work
  • * See Terms and Conditions over

Fixed Price Service Plan

The New 2012 Oak Garage Fixed Price Service Plan is now available to all retail vehicles. With budgets to meet all pockets and keep big bills a thing of the past. Regular maintenance of your vehicle is essential to keep the reliability on dark nights and long term p/exch values high. From as little as £14.08 per Month.

Yearly Service / MOT / Valet

Up to 1.4 cc £14.08 per Month
Up to 1.8 cc £16.58 per Month
Up to 3.0 cc £21.58 per Month

The Full Package

This is what it states, Platinum Warranty, Yearly Service, MOT, Free Mini Valet,  and Free Fluid Top Ups for the length of the plan. All from as little as £27.94 per Month!!!

  1 Year 2 Year 3 Year  
Up to 1.4 cc £34.83 £30.70 £27.94 per Month
Up to 2.0 cc £45.66 £37.37 £33.21 per Month
Up to 3.0 cc £54.83 £46.53 £43.77 per Month

Free Mini Valet will be completed during the yearly service
Warranty / Service Plan will be valid for 30 days from last payment.


Most of our cars we sell may still include the manufacturer's warranty but we also include a 3 months plan with all our retail cars and one unique feature of our Program is you can change your Warranty Plan within 30 days. You can upgrade your Warranty and pay the difference. This means there is no need to rush into deciding which plan is best for you.

We have been trading now as a family business for some 40 years, possibly one of the longest independent Motor Traders in the Midlands. We pride ourselves with our experience and reputation with thousands of satisfied customers.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have or come in to take a look at the plans available.


Don't forget our servicing facilities and out of warranty repairs. Special rates for oak customers. Citroen Picasso, Renault Scenic and Ford C-max from £89.


MOT's available to all ex Oak/Imperial Cars vehicles with 10% off.

Car Wash and Valeting

Oak Quick Winter Wash £3
Oak Gold Wash  £5
Oak Platinum Wash £7
Oak Mini Valet £15
Oak Full Valet £50
Supa Guard Paint Protection £199
Lights, Levels and Tyre pressure check £20
Caravan Wash £10
Commercial and 4x4 Wash £10